“Ok, so what’s the plan? The plan is to reach way more than one million signatures. We have twelve months to reach the required level of signatures (along with minimums) and this is a very important issue so we want to make sure that a continent with 508 million inhabitants becomes aware not only of this initiative but also of their rights and status as Europeans. It takes about one month to set up the online system to collect signatures and with all of those “Russian hacking” scandals going on perhaps it is best that we take our time. However, we can collect signatures on paper starting from the registration date (27 March 2017) so the most important thing right now is that everyone becomes aware of this initiative and the potential impact that it can have, then we can arrange events at various locations to collect signatures on paper. It is crucial to remember that any European who is passionate about the idea that is Europe and about protecting human rights can help us make a huge difference in the lives of millions of European citizens. But we will need to communicate and coordinate as one cohesive effort coming from one united Europe.

Click here for the Official Registration Page
**We’ll add the button to sign when the system for online signatures is ready at the beginning of May. In the meantime you can help us with paper signatures!**