“Madarat tolláról, embert barátjáról” … “Vrána k vráně sedá” … “Vakka kantensa valitsee” … “Swój swojego się trzyma” … “κύλησε ο τέντζερης και βρήκε το καπάκι” … “Рыбак рыбака видит издалека”

 Step 3: Building a European Support Network

As the momentum builds, we want to establish transnational relationships with groups in academia, business, and civil society. You don’t have to be a huge organisation and you don’t have to provide any money; this is a movement about people and what we need is your support collecting signatures and spreading the message. We want to establish good relationships and be fully transparent with all citizens, which is why we are not collecting donations at this time. If we need any money, we will crowdfund and let you know exactly how much we need and where it is all going. For now, your vocal support is more valuable than money, so please help us by asking every EU citizen to sign this. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are directly or indirectly in touch with any individual or organisation that can help us spread the message quickly and effectively.

Click here for the Official Registration Page with the European Commission