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This was the original early website for European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) titled “EU Citizenship for Europeans: United in Diversity in Spite of jus soli and jus sanguinis” and informally known as “Flock Brexit“.

The goal of this initiative is simple: “We will convince the European Commission and the European Parliament to pass a regulation and/or decision that will allow UK nationals to keep their EU citizenship regardless of Brexit negotiations, and with enough public pressure we will force the UK to reciprocate these rights by taking our case to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) before withdrawal negotiations are finalized.

Unlike any other petition or initiative, this European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is based on primary law, supported by secondary law and it was was pre-designed with the goal of reaching the CJEU, which is the ultimate and final authority in all matters regarding the “Citizenship of the Union” that was established in 1993 by the Maastricht Treaty.


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Exercise Your Rights!

Step 1: Signing the ECI

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there are some very important signing rules that you need to know. First of all, not everyone can sign it. The Table in this link will show you who may sign, who may not, and who needs to provide an identification number [usually a passport number or identity card] in order to sign.

British Nationals:
Step 1  – Follow the link below and click support
Step 2  – Select country of residence

  • If you are living in the UK: Select UK
  • If you are living in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia: Select the country you are resident in and then sign. Your signature will help us reach the required minimums of those countries, but please tell your local friends to sign so that you can keep your right to stay!
  • If you are living in Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain or Sweden: Select the country you are resident in. Then you will need a personal identification document number issued by the country you are resident in.
    (If you’re not sure which document will count, check your country of residence in pages 2-4 on this table).
  • If you are living in: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France or Portugal. If you also have a permanent UK address enter your country of residence as UK, otherwise you can’t sign and you need to tell three of your friends in that country to sign so that you can keep the right to stay! Please do NOT use an old UK address that you may use for voting, it is not valid.

EU Citizens in the UK: Your role is crucial.
Even if you were not allowed to vote in the referendum, your voice matters to the EU and you CAN sign this ECI as long as you’re voting age.

Please look at the second-to-last row in the Table (page 2). Given that you are a legal resident in the UK, you are allowed to count as a British signature; HOWEVER, we need to reach certain minimums in SEVEN DIFFERENT EU COUNTRIES, so it would be best if you sign as your country of nationality. In most cases you will need to provide an identification number so find your country on the list below the table in order to see which documents are accepted. This is how you make your voice heard even if you were excluded from a vote that changed your life.

EU Citizens outside the EU (worldwide): most of you are allowed to sign!

You read that correctly. If you have the nationality of a Member State, then almost all of you are allowed to sign this ECI (except for Irish and UK nationals… sorry again; hopefully this adds fuel to the fire). Again, check the last row of the table in order to see what type of identification you’ll need. What does that mean? That means we can make this a worldwide movement! If you have friends or family members who are European by nationality then feel free to share this with them even if they live in the US, Asia, Latin America, Africa or Antartica! Perhaps some of them have ancestors who migrated out of war-torn Europe after WWII, and this initiative is for them too. Let’s take advantage of technology in the 21st Century to make sure that every European who believes in the idea of Europe and its Union can make their voice heard regardless of where they live!

Please do NOT try to cheat the table!
These are official rules and your signature will NOT count if you try to cheat.

This initiative is about European unity and solidarity:
let’s all do this together by standing up for each other and for Europe!

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“Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern” … “Soort zoekt soort”… “Lika barn leka bäst” … “Like barn leker best” … “Krage søger mage”

Step 2: What Happens After One Million?

The goal is to reach multiple millions in order to make our argument stronger and the resulting legislative proposal more legitimate. After you have signed, we ask that you do not simply forget about the initiative. In order to stay informed, please follow our Facebook, Twitter, Medium profile and publication as well as our volunteer page with 4,000+ members. The Medium page will be vital because it will function as our blog in order to educate people about what exactly an ECI is and how we will succeed. This isn’t a mere petition where we are trying to ask a representative to take a particular stance on an issue, instead we are using a legal instrument of semi-direct democracy in order to create a pan-European and even worldwide movement so that EU citizens can come together as one (since national elections are inherently national rather than international). Once we have gathered enough support, this initiative has the opportunity to begin the legislative procedure in order to become law. In other words: an ECI isn’t an informal request to persuade a representative, it is a formal procedure for citizens to create law, and the topic of this initiative has the potential to revolutionize ECIs and the EU itself (more on this later in our Medium page).

The exact procedure of what happens after the collection of signatures can be found in the European Commission’s official website for ECIs. This whole process will be finalized by September 2018, which puts us ahead of the deadline for Brexit negotiations. However, given that we don’t know the exact timeline for when we will reach our goal, or when the number of signatures will be counted and verified, perhaps you would prefer to receive updates every month or so (we don’t want to spam you with daily or weekly updates that you can get from our social media accounts). Regardless of what the case may be, please take a few minutes to fill out the following quick survey so that we know how and when you want us to reach out to you! 🙂

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“Madarat tolláról, embert barátjáról” … “Vrána k vráně sedá” … “Vakka kantensa valitsee” … “Swój swojego się trzyma” … “κύλησε ο τέντζερης και βρήκε το καπάκι” … “Рыбак рыбака видит издалека”

 Step 3: Building a European Support Network

As the momentum builds, we want to establish transnational relationships with groups in academia, business, and civil society. You don’t have to be a huge organisation and you don’t have to provide any money; this is a movement about people and what we need is your support collecting signatures and spreading the message. We want to establish good relationships and be fully transparent with all citizens, which is why we are not collecting donations at this time. If we need any money, we will crowdfund and let you know exactly how much we need and where it is all going. For now, your vocal support is more valuable than money, so please help us by asking every EU citizen to sign this. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are directly or indirectly in touch with any individual or organisation that can help us spread the message quickly and effectively.

Click here for the Official Registration Page with the European Commission

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United in Diversity in Spite of Nationality